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PEBA Partners is an award program that honors employers that demonstrate a dedication to promoting a physically, emotionally and financially healthier workplace. PEBA strives to recognize employers who are setting the bar for workplace well-being programs across the state. Each year, the application will be sent to participating employer groups in May and the winners will be recognized at the annual Benefits at Work conference.

  • Overall winner | Medical University of South Carolina

    The Medical University of South Carolina’s (MUSC) employee wellness program strives to encourage and support a healthy lifestyle for their employees, making the healthy choice the easy choice.

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    This program strives to promote health by creating a culture of wellness through policies, systems and an environment that encourages healthy behaviors.


    MUSC’s Office of Health Promotion has been working to establishing a culture of wellness where being active is the norm by providing access and opportunity for physical activity during the workday. MUSC Moves! is a physical activity campaign designed to provide changes in policies, improvements in the environment, and increased opportunities and resources to promote physical activity at work. Employees benefit from fitness programs such as special employee wellness center memberships, an outdoor fitness park, indoor and outdoor walking trails, a running club, walking groups, an outdoor exercise program and desk yoga classes.

    Fresh produce is offered through weekly farmers’ markets and employees can also sign up for local community supported agriculture, enjoying the convenience of fresh produced delivered to them at work. Several campus buildings have vending machines serving only organic, preservative-free items and a 5-cent surcharge on less healthy items benefits.


    MUSC is truly leading by example through their commitment to create a culture of wellness to enhance its workforce while also building healthy communities in Charleston and beyond.


    Higher education winner | Aiken Technical College

    For Aiken Technical College employees, the importance of an overall healthy and balanced lifestyle is promoted through various Healthy Campus Initiatives.

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    While employees are encouraged to take responsibility for choosing to live well, all initiatives aim to promote the value of a balanced lifestyle.


    Through collaborative campus efforts, Aiken Technical College developed a Live Health Library for employees to donate and check out health education items. In addition to providing these materials, the college has held a wide-range of workshop topics from healthy eating and exercise to the importance of mental and emotional well-being. Aiken Technical College even went a step further by implementing healthier snack options at all on-campus vending.


    Aiken Technical College hosts a variety of on-campus wellness events. Other programs related to health and wellness include hosting a campus walk, free exercise classes for employees, preventive health screenings, flu vaccine clinics and more. As part of ongoing wellness initiatives, the college distributes gym passes, pedometers, dental hygiene products and stress balls to faculty and staff.


    Aiken Technical College encourages employees to bring the best of themselves to their jobs every day and encouraging employees to embrace a well-being lifestyle pays off in many ways.


    State agency winner | S.C. Department of Revenue

    At the South Carolina Department of Revenue, they strive to make wellness a part of their everyday culture. The agency created goals to establish a wellness culture that develops, retains and values a competent, productive and diverse workforce. This agency recognizes the integral role physical and financial wellness plays in achieving that goal.

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    Through promotion of PEBA’s health initiatives, the agency hopes to educate employees on the various benefits available to them, including hosting a flu vaccine clinic, promoting PEBA’s new retirement awareness video series, hosting a worksite preventive screening and even promoting regional health and retirement seminars. To reinforce the importance of wellness, the South Carolina Department of Revenue sends “Wellness Wednesday” emails to educate its employees on various health initiatives from upcoming lunch-and-learn workshops, free exercise classes offered through “A Healthier State House” and upcoming agency-wide initiatives.


    In an effort to educate employees on the importance of health eating, exercise and lifestyle change, the South Carolina Department of Revenue hosted an agency-wide Lean in 2016 event. Lean in 2016 took place over the course of six months and was free to all staff. Over the course of several weeks and months, there were informational and supportive emails, body measurements and food tracking, all in an effort to get people eating right, exercising more, and getting fit. Through this program, the agency saw a total of 317 pounds lost. The only expense encountered, other than time, was the purchase of a scale—learning you do not have to spend a lot to make a big difference.


    By taking advantage of existing resources, the South Carolina Department of Revenue has made strides educating its employees on the importance of fiscal and physical wellness.



    Local subdivision winner | Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority

    The importance of investing in an employee’s health and providing opportunities for employees to enhance their health and well-being has taken priority for the Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority.

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    Not only does the Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority have an onsite walking trail, but they also encourage their employees to use work breaks as an opportunity to be physically active and educate their employees on the importance of physical activity. For the employees that can’t seem to get away from their desk, the company offers sit-to-stand workstations and encourage stretching breaks during company meetings. The Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority not only recognizes the importance of offering healthier options within the workplace but also offer discounted gym memberships through payroll deductions. The wellness committee hopes to motivate employees to apply these healthy practices at the workplace and into all parts of their lives.


    The Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority recognizes the importance of encouraging their employees to eat healthy. The wellness committee has committed to this by providing healthy food and beverage choices at company functions, identifying the healthier options in company vending machines and educating employees on the benefits of good nutritional choices and habits.


    This company invests in their employees’ health and overall well-being, by not only hosting various preventive screenings and flu clinics and encouraging healthy eating, but educating their employees on how to make healthy decisions that will lead to an overall healthier lifestyle within and outside the workplace.



    Public school winner | Greenwood 50 School District

    Greenwood School District 50 is committed to the well-being of their employees, their families and the students they serve. They recognize that wellness involves the mind and body of their staff and offer a wide range of initiatives to ensure they are addressing these important aspects of life for their employees.

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    Greenwood 50 utilizes its resources to focus heavily on financial education and retirement awareness because of the impact financial health has on an employee’s life. Greenwood 50 partners with several financial institutions to offer banking discounts and financial courses to assist employees and their families with planning for their future and addressing immediate financial concerns as well. Greenwood 50 promotes PEBA’s retirement benefits through workshops and retirement seminars.


    PEBA Perks plays a large role in Greenwood 50’s wellness programing with publications being distributed through mass emails to all staff and a newsletter highlighting various wellness initiatives.  All schools within the district host preventive screening with staff and their family members strongly encouraged to participate. If a member cannot attend its school’s screening, the school district hosts a large screening for staff who could not attend their worksite screening, district office staff and retirees from the district and community.


    District 50 encourages healthy habits by offering free in-house exercise classes, fun runs, weight loss competitions and step counting contests at many of the schools within the district.  Community-wide runs and walks are also organized at the school level to encourage families of our students and staff to all work for wellness together.


    Greenwood 50 School District’s holistic approach to health and well-being emphasizes that wellness includes all aspects of life—mind, body and financial health.

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