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PEBA Partners is an award program that honors employers that demonstrate a dedication to promoting a physically, emotionally and financially healthier workplace. PEBA strives to recognize employers who are setting the bar for workplace well-being programs across the state. Each year, the application will be sent to participating employer groups in May and the winners will be recognized at the annual Benefits at Work conference.

  • Overall winner | City of Newberry

    The City of Newberry places a high priority on employee wellness and creating an environment conducive to healthy behaviors. By providing many wellness opportunities, they are working to make the healthy choice the easy choice for their employees. This has created a valuable culture of wellness and many employees are taking advantage of program offerings.

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    The City has taken various measures to create a healthy work environment. In 2016, a Tobacco-Free Workplace policy was implemented. Worksite screenings were offered with more than 80 percent participation rates. To reward employees and retirees for taking part in the screening, and omelet and fruit bar were made available for them to enjoy after they had completed the process. Finally, onsite wellness education and workshops were made a priority. Workshops included onsite massages, Yoga, Zumba, and Ballet Bar while wellness education classes covered everything from diabetes and colon health to mosquito control. To facilitate engagement, employees are allowed up to one hour of paid time to participate in these offerings.


    One area the City has focused on recently has been re-evaluating its employee fitness programs. The City introduced a third gym membership option, now allowing employees to choose from a one-on-one training program, a family focused program, or a high intensity program. Understanding that not all employees are at the same fitness level, this allows employees to find the right program for them. To increase engagement, employees can earn money back on their membership costs each month by spending more time at the gym. With this initiative, the City enrollments have increased 180 percent and memberships have sustained a 100 percent retention rate annually since its inception.


    Understanding that fun competitions can inspire healthy eating and increased physical activity, the City has offered many challenges in the past year. Examples include a Healthy Recipe Contest, a weight loss challenge, and a 10,000 Steps Program. Periodic communications highlighting the corresponding health benefits of certain activities have generated more buy-in to the challenges and maintenance of the behaviors. As a result, work related injuries and absenteeism has markedly declined.


    The city also recognizes that mental and financial health are important for their employees overall well-being. In an effort to promote mental health awareness, the City has provided enhanced communications encouraging use of its EAP resources through Vocational Rehabilitation and SCLED. To increase financial wellness, financial planning workshops are held at least twice a year through the S.C. Deferred Compensation system. The City uses retirement planning as an opportunity to partner with area agencies such as the local school system to offer additional, local connections for employees to get needed advice and counsel from the Social Security Administration, PEBA and the SC Deferred Compensation Program. This year the City put a concerted effort in place to encourage employees under 40 to get more in tune with defining their own retirement destiny through participation in the Deferred Compensation Program. The results of this effort increased participation with this age group by 20 percent.


    Finally, the City also made efforts to ensure employees are aware of the wellness initiatives offered by the State Health Plan, PEBA Perks, Rally, and that the health management programs are regularly promoted to employees. Programs such as these provide valuable resources that help guide employees to healthier lifestyles.




    Higher education winner | Aiken Technical College

    Aiken Technical College (ATC) recognizes that healthy faculty and staff are more likely to achieve the goals set forth in campus strategic and academic plans. Through collaborative efforts across campus, our Healthy Campus Initiatives have created a culture in which the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle is valued, health is fostered, and employees of the College are encouraged to take responsibility for choosing to be well.

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    Through continued collaborative efforts, the college has implemented new healthy campus initiatives as well as improved upon those previously fulfilled. These initiatives have included the following: informational and educational communication regarding health and wellness; campus sessions on nutrition, anxiety/stress management, exercise, caring for aging parents, and balancing work and home life; and wellness focused events to include a campus wide walk and scavenger hunt, walking sessions with our President, exercise classes, health screenings and flu shot clinics, as well as a “Know Your Numbers” session partnered with our Nursing Students to offer free screenings and a Pamper Yourself Day during Employee Appreciation Week where we offered chair massages and distributed health/wellness educational materials. We also devoted a whole week partnered with our Student Experience department to promoting a Healthy Campus through Emotional, Financial, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Fitness. In addition, based on the findings of our Group Health Report, we distributed Cheerios and information about lowering your cholesterol. ATC has also continued our healthier snack options in all campus vending. Other health focused items have been distributed to faculty and staff to include gym passes, water bottles, pedometers, dental hygiene products, stress balls, hand sanitizers, a one-hour massage, tissues to promote cold/flu season awareness, insulated lunch totes with tupperware and plastic silverware included to promote bringing your lunch and eating out less and various other health related products.


    Aiken Technical College wants employees to continue to bring the best of themselves to their jobs every day and encouraging our employees to embrace a wellness lifestyle pays off in many ways!


    State agency winner | S.C. Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation

    The South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (SCDLLR) has worked hard to create holistic wellness opportunities for their employees. From promoting health and financial education, hosting onsite screenings and clinics, to providing physical activities and healthy eating initiatives, SCDLLR makes sure their employees have the tools to reach their wellness goals.

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    The agency understands the value of making sure their employees are aware of the health benefits available to them. In addition to hosting a benefits fair, emails are regularly sent highlighting Health Hub content along with PEBA Perks. Fliers from the Health Hub are routinely displayed throughout the building and a PEBA Perks lunch learn was held for employees who wanted to learn more about these value based benefits. As financial wellness is also an important part of a comprehensive wellness program, a lunch and learn on the Deferred Compensation Program was conducted as well as a daylong seminar on planning for the future.

    To reduce the barriers of employees getting preventive screenings, the agency hosted three worksite screenings and a mobile mammography unit. They also hosted two flu vaccine clinics to keep their employees from getting sick during flu season.


    While already offering weekly yoga classes and an onsite mobile farmers market, a newly formed wellness committee helped to implement new physical activities and nutrition initiatives in 2017. To encourage physical activity, an agency wide team was created to participate in this year’s Governor’s Cup road race. A field day, featuring corn hole, disc golf challenge, hula hoop contest, and beach ball relay, was added into the Employee Appreciation picnic. To facilitate healthy eating, the Wellness Café was opened that features healthy snacks. To increase employee interest, a specialty day is offered each month that highlights a certain healthy snack. A Healthy Snack contest was held in July where employees prepared their favorite healthy snacks then picked the one that tasted the best. The winner received a gift card and their snack was featured as the specialty day item for the month of August.


    The South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation is taking the steps to ensure their employees are provided with ample wellness opportunities are seeing improvements in healthy behaviors as a result.


    Local subdivision winner | Charleston County Government

    The importance of investing in an employee’s health and providing opportunities for employees to enhance their health and well-being has taken priority for the Charleston County Government (CCG) employee Well-being program.

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    It strives to encourage and support a healthy lifestyle for all their employees, making the healthy choice the easy choice. By adopting a holistic approach to health and well-being that emphasizes the importance of wellness in all aspects of life— physical, financial, emotional, self-care, nutritional and community/social, they offer a wide range of initiatives to ensure they are addressing these important aspects of life for their employees.

    The importance of an overall healthy and balanced lifestyle is promoted through various healthy worksite Initiatives. While employees are encouraged to take responsibility for choosing to live well, all initiatives aim to promote the value of a balanced lifestyle.

    Because of the impact financial health has on an employee’s life, CCG Well-being program utilizes several local financial institutions to offer financial workshops and webinars that provide financial education and retirement readiness to assist employees and their families with planning for their future and addressing immediate financial concerns as well.

    Employees benefit from free on-site yoga and barre programs, access to free on-site fitness centers, walking trails, outside exercise boot camp program, and discount memberships to local fitness centers.

    Fresh produce is offered through weekly farmers’ ‘Rolling Veggie Truck” and employees can also sign up for local community supported agriculture, enjoying the convenience of fresh produced delivered to them at work.

    CCG invests in their employees’ health and overall well-being, by not only hosting various preventive screenings and flu clinics and encouraging healthy eating, but educating their employees on how to make healthy decisions that will lead to an overall healthier lifestyle within and outside the workplace. They have held a wide-range of workshop topics from healthy eating and exercise to the importance of mental and emotional well-being.

    PEBA Perks is also an integral partner of the Well-being programing with publications being distributed through mass emails to all staff and a newsletter highlighting various wellness initiatives.




    Public school winner | Greenville County Schools

    Greenville County School District understands that increasing awareness and knowledge of health related issues is often the first step in creating healthy behaviors.  With this in mind, they offered worksite screenings at 60 locations in 2016 and utilized various avenues to communicate health messages to its employees.

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    Tools provided by PEBA, including E-blasts, the PEBA Update and Health Hub content, are regularly distributed to all employees to promote wellness opportunities and highlight related benefits in the State Health Plan.  Greenville County School District has even gone a step further to provide their employees with additional resources by creating their own wellness articles and newsletters.  A “Healthy Living Tips” article gives employees advice on healthy behaviors.  The “E-Management Memo”, a weekly electronic newsletter, is emailed to principles and administrators with health information to share with their employees. Finally, the “E-Bulletin Board” is sent out twice a month to all district employees with additional wellness topics.


    Greenville County School District has also partnered with LiveWell Greenville to help ensure access to healthy eating and active living in the surrounding area. This makes it easier for their employees, as well as community members, to make healthy choices.


    Through hosting preventive screenings, distributing health information, and forming community partnerships, Greenville County School District is working to create a supportive environment that fosters healthy behaviors for their employees.

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