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South Carolina National Guard Plan

The South Carolina National Guard Retirement System (SCNG Plan) is a defined benefit retirement plan PEBA administers to provide supplemental benefits to National Guard members who served in South Carolina. More information about the closing and reopening of the plan to new entrants is located here.


Membership eligibility

The three categories of SCNG Plan membership are explained here.


Employee contributions

You do not make contributions to the SCNG Plan. Each year, the South Carolina General Assembly sets aside the required contributions as part of its annual appropriations bill.


SCNG Plan benefits

As a National Guard member, you are considered a federal employee; therefore, the benefit the state provides through the SCNG Plan is intended only to supplement the retirement benefit you receive or will receive from the federal government. Depending on your years of service in the National Guard, you may qualify to receive between $50 and $100 per month. Get more details here.


Benefit eligibility

You need to meet the plan’s eligibility requirements to receive your SCNG Plan supplemental benefit. See the SCNG flyer for more information.


Planning for your future resources

The SCNG Plan is a very small, supplemental benefit for qualifying members of the South Carolina National Guard. Even if you are entitled to benefits from the federal government or another employer, public or private, PEBA has retirement awareness resources that can help you as you plan for a secure financial future. If you make planning and saving for your future a priority now, you’ll be glad you did when you become eligible to retire because it may mean the difference between being eligible to retire and being able to retire.


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