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SHP Standard Plan

The State Health Plan (SHP) Standard Plan has higher premiums but lower annual deductibles than the Savings Plan. When one family member meets his deductible, the Standard Plan will begin to pay benefits for him, even if the family deductible has not been met.


With the Standard Plan, when you buy a prescription drug, you make a copayment rather than paying the allowed amount. The allowed amount is the most a health plan allows for a covered service or product, whether it is provided in network or out of network. Network providers have agreed to accept the allowed amount as their total fee. You do not have to meet your deductible to buy prescription drugs for the copayment.


For a quick look at the Standard Plan’s features, check out the Standard Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage. Detailed information about the Standard Plan’s benefits is located in the Health Insurance chapter of the current Insurance Benefits Guide.


For information about how the Standard Plan and the Medicare Supplemental Plan work with Medicare, see the When You Become Eligible for Medicare handbook. The Plan of Benefits, which contains a complete description of the plan, governs all health benefits offered by the state. You may also request a copy from your benefits administrator.


Information about the State Health Plan’s grandfathered status under the Affordable Care Act is located here.


Order a replacement ID card

You may order replacement State Health Plan ID cards by calling BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina at 800.868.2520, or by visiting the BlueCross website at You will need your Benefits Identification Number (BIN). If you don’t know your BIN, login to MyBenefits and select “Get My BIN.”


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