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An eligible child

  • Must be younger than age 26; and
  • Must be the subscriber’s natural child, adopted child (including child placed for legal adoption), stepchild, foster child1, a child for whom the subscriber has legal custody or a child the subscriber is required to cover due to a court order2.

1A foster child is a child placed by an authorized placement agency with the subscriber, who is a licensed foster parent.

2A child for whom the subscriber has legal custody is a child for whom the subscriber has guardianship responsibility, not merely financial responsibility, according to a court order or other document filed with the courts.


If you and your spouse are both eligible for coverage, only one of you can cover your children under any one plan. However, one parent can cover the children under health, and the other can cover the children under dental.


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For more information about a child’s eligibility for benefits, review the General Information chapter of the Insurance Benefits Guide. The topics below are available in this chapter:

  • A child age 19 to age 25;
  • An incapacitated child; and
  • Coverage under Dependent Life-Child Insurance.

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