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Other benefits

In addition to health insurance, PEBA offers other insurance benefits to eligible members. Learn more about these benefits below.


Prescription benefits

State Health Plan coverage includes prescription benefits at no extra cost. Prescription drugs are a major benefit to you and a major part of the cost of our self-insured health plan.

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Dental insurance

The State Dental Plan provides some payment to help offset your dental expenses. Dental Plus generally covers the same treatments, but with higher allowed amounts.

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Vision care

The State Vision Plan covers a variety of vision care benefits.

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Life insurance

Basic life insurance coverage is automatic for members enrolled in a health plan. This coverage is available at no cost to the member. You can also choose to add Optional Life, Dependent Life-Spouse and Dependent Life-Child coverage.

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Long term disability

Basic long term disability coverage is automatic for eligible State Health Plan members. This coverage is available at no cost to the member. Supplemental long term disability coverage is available, too.

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MoneyPlus is a tax-favored accounts program. It allows employees to pay eligible expenses before taxes. In turn, employees can increase their take-home pay.

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Adoption assistance

PEBA administers the State Employee Adoption Assistance Program for eligible state employees. It can help pay some of the expenses associated with adopting a child.

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