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Eligibility for retiree group insurance is not the same as eligibility for retirement. An individual may be eligible for health, dental and vision coverage in retirement if:

  1. He retires from an employer that participates in the state insurance program;
  2. He is eligible to retire when he leaves employment; and
  3. His last five years of employment were served consecutively in a full-time, permanent position with an employer that participates in the state insurance program.


For insurance purposes, a member of a PEBA-administered retirement system must meet the minimum retirement eligibility requirements established by the system in which he participated when he left covered employment. Learn more about the retirement systems administered by PEBA here.


Only PEBA can determine eligibility for retiree insurance. An employee should submit an Employment Verification Record form to PEBA 90 days before retirement to verify his eligibility for retiree insurance.


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