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Special eligibility situations

A special eligibility situation is an event that allows an eligible employee, retiree, survivor or COBRA subscriber to enroll in or drop coverage for himself and/or eligible family members outside an open enrollment period. To make a change in a special eligibility situation, you must:


  • Contact your benefits administrator;
  • Complete the appropriate Notice of Election form within 31 days* of the event; and
  • Give your benefits administrator copies of the appropriate documents.

*Changes related to Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), must be made within 60 days.


A salary increase does not create a special eligibility situation.


If you are an active employee and eligible to change your health, dental, vision or life insurance coverage due to a special eligibility situation, you may also enroll in or drop the Pretax Group Insurance Premium feature.


More details about special eligibility situations are in the General information chapter of the Insurance Benefits Guide.



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