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An eligible spouse

An eligible spouse is defined as a spouse by South Carolina law. A spouse eligible for coverage as an employee of any participating group, including a local subdivision or as a state-funded retiree (meaning that a part of his insurance premiums will be paid for him) cannot be covered as a spouse under any plan. A spouse who is a permanent, part-time teacher may be covered as an employee or as a spouse, but not as both. A spouse who is a non-funded retiree may be covered as a retiree or as a spouse, but not as both.


A former spouse

If you divorce, your former spouse and former stepchildren are no longer eligible for coverage on your policy. If you are required by court order to provide your former spouse coverage, your former spouse must have his own policy under the Plan. Coverage for a former spouse can include health, dental and vision coverage. The cost of former spouse coverage is the full premium amount.


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