Healthy Hour

On-site health education

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina (BlueCross) offers on-site health education seminars using Doctors Care professionals. Presenters include physicians, nurses, health educators and nutritionists. As an employer that participates in the State Health Plan, we encourage you to use your Annual Group Report to select topics that impact your members most. These engaging presentations take 45 minutes and will end with 15 minutes of questions and answers. It’s recommended that you have 25-35 participants per session. And, Doctors Care can accommodate multiple sessions per day. For greatest impact and “teachable moments,” we recommend offering these sessions to participants before or after their preventive screening. 

Schedule a session

To book a session, call 888.845.6887 or email Please book your on-site seminar at least four weeks in advance.

Single one-hour session$450
Five one-hour sessions$1,800


Nutrition 101 and understanding food labels

Participants will learn the basic principles of nutrition and how to apply those principles to their current diet. We’ll also look more in depth at nutrition labels and what the labels really tell us.

Weight management and meal prep

Participants will learn the basics of nutrition and exercise to manage a healthy weight. We’ll also learn how to make time to be healthy by planning and preparing healthy meals for a busy lifestyle.

Know your numbers

Participants will find out what their preventive screening numbers mean. Participants will also learn about healthy lifestyle changes they can make to improve their numbers and take control of their health.

Rethink your drink

Participants will learn how daily drink choices impact their health and wellbeing. Participants will also learn strategies for reducing added sugars in their diets.


Participants will learn how to bring flexibility and mobility into their day with a few simple yoga poses.


Participants will learn about the combination of posture alignment, core strengthening and flexibility for a no-equipment-needed workout.