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PEBA Partners is an award program that honors employers that demonstrate a dedication to promoting a physically, emotionally and financially healthier workplace. PEBA strives to recognize employers who are setting the bar for workplace well-being programs across the state. Each year, the application is sent to participating employer groups in May.

Overall winner | York County School District 3

Rock Hill School District Three has a shared vision to stay committed to the health and well-being of its faculty and staff by creating a healthy lifestyle and environment. By promoting and offering wellness programs, they strive to encourage their employees and employees’ families to make positive and healthy choices in their lives.

Higher education winner | The Citadel

Knowing that its workforce is its greatest asset and vital to the success of the institution, The Citadel’s strategic initiatives are aligned to create a culture of wellness. The Citadel engages its campus community through continued partnership with PEBA and MUSC by promoting wellness programs and campus events to increase awareness while supporting the college's mission for a healthier campus.

Optional employer winner | CareSouth Carolina, Inc.

Over the past 18 months, CareSouth Carolina developed a health and wellness program in which 75 percent of its employees participate. Through this program, they have increased their employees’ participation in breast, cervical and colon cancer screenings, smoking cessation using the Quit for Keeps Program, and increased healthy eating by removing unhealthy vending and providing healthier options for staff meetings and gatherings.

Public school district winner | Lexington-Richland School District 5

School District 5 of Lexington and Richland Counties has continually promoted health and wellbeing with the efforts and care developed by its employees over the years. The pandemic brought new challenges, and the use of PEBA’s resources to assist employees in understanding their accounts and options as valued state employees has been paramount. Onsite sessions began in early 2019 to help employees understand the depth of their accounts, and the sessions continue virtually. This award is a particular tribute to all of the district’s new employees as they embraced the virtual orientations and conquered online benefits enrollment since May.

State agency winner | S.C. Department of Juvenile Justice

South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice Wellness strives to educate, assist and motivate its employees throughout the state with monthly newsletters and updates from PEBA, fitness challenges, and exercise programs. To promote continued health and fitness during the COVID-19 pandemic, the wellness coordinators also emailed weekly home exercises and provided guidance for overall personal health and wellness.