TRICARE Supplement Plan

The TRICARE Supplement Plan provides secondary coverage to TRICARE for members of the military community who are not eligible for Medicare. For eligible employees, it provides an alternative to the State Health Plan. It pays the subscriber’s share of covered medical expenses under the TRICARE Prime (in-network), Extra and Standard options. Selman & Company administers the TRICARE Supplement Plan.

The TRICARE Supplement Plan provides you with additional coverage, which, when combined with the other TRICARE coverage, usually pays 100% of your out-of-pocket expenses. Some of the plan’s features include:

  • No deductibles, coinsurance or out-of-pocket expenses for covered services;
  • Choice of any TRICARE-authorized provider, including network, non-network and participating providers;
  • Reimbursement of prescription drug copayments; and
  • Portability that allows you to continue coverage by paying the premiums directly to Selman & Company if you leave your job.


PEBA does not confirm eligibility for the TRICARE Supplement Plan. Eligible individuals must register with the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System and must not be eligible for Medicare. If you are a State Health Plan member, you must drop your coverage to enroll in the TRICARE Supplement Plan.


If you are eligible for TRICARE and eligible for coverage with the South Carolina state health insurance program, you can enroll yourself and your eligible dependents within 31 days of the date you are hired or become eligible for TRICARE. You also can enroll during annual open enrollment. If you enroll during open enrollment, coverage becomes effective on January 1.

You must be a member of the Government Employees Association to enroll in the TRICARE Supplement Plan. You can learn more at the Association at To complete your enrollment, you must provide a copy of your military ID or TRICARE ID card. If you were enrolled in the State Health Plan before, you must also complete the TRICARE Other Health Insurance form found at